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The Blushield Plus is a countertop EMF protector. It produces natural frequency energy and reduces cellular degeneration and offers protection from EMF radiation. This EMF shield works by grounding the human bioelectric field to prevent the transmission of EMF radiation.

There are other ways to protect yourself, such as through using EMF protection devices. There is a huge variety of such devices. For instance, there are cell phone headset emf protection headphones that will cut down on the EMF radiation emitted by cell phones. These headphones come with a microphone, a speaker, and a volume control. This type of headset is best suited to people whose activities include listening to music or talking on their cell phone. It is a good alternative to other types of headsets.
There are also a variety of devices such as smart meters that also reduce the level of radiation that is emitted by EMF. These devices are often attached to homes or offices. Some of these gadgets are plug-in, while others have a USB connect. Plug-in smart meters are most appropriate for people who are away from their homes and offices, thus they can still keep tabs on their electrical consumption while they are away.
Other options to counter EMF are microwave ovens that can be installed in your home. There are also portable devices such as mobile phones that can be used as portable EMF detectors. These options are practical if you want to go out for a walk in the park or if you want to watch your favorite movie from a cafe. All in all, there are a lot of ways to protect yourself and your family from EMF exposure. The best option is to invest in an EMF protection device because it will save you a lot of money in medical bills and other related complications.